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Do you lead an organization as a CEO, President or Business Leader?

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You lead a team...

You make critical decisions, find resources, define the culture, and set the direction of the company.

It's important to connect with peers to gain unbiased fresh perspectives, collaborate on battle-tested strategies and tactics, and continually innovate, ideate, and course-correct.

Having a tribe of like-minded individuals who offer camaraderie built on respect and trust elevates your thinking.

You understand the importance of continually collecting wisdom from experts who enhance your leadership skills, decision-making, results, and bring you new thinking.

While social technologies like LinkedIn and Facebook can bring connections together, they often fall short when it comes to true collaboration and idea exchange.

Networking groups can be time-consuming and filled with people interested in selling or seeking wisdom from you. Associations and industry-specific groups may lack the diverse perspectives you need as a leader. It's essential to step out of your sector and gain a broader perspective.

Having served as a CEO, a successful business owner, and now working as a professional Board Chair for Vistage Worldwide, the world's leading CEO organization, I understand the conversations CEOs want to have, the expertise they seek, and the resources they need to connect with.

The CEOs in Vistage lead lives of CLIMB.

I look forward to helping you investigate Vistage—the world's leading CEO organization, invested in the "Life Of Climb."

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