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The Heart Homestead


We are excited to have you visit with us this Thursday, June 6th!


Arrive 14809 Iowa Cicle, Bennington, NE 

 and park on the street or in either driveway.

At 8:00, the front door will be open (see picture above) - let yourself in, wander in, and find

the stairs by the loft and go downstairs. (We will not be answering the doorbell!)

At 9:00, the gathering will begin with introductions so arrive between 8:45 and 8:55.

In Vistage we start on time.

At 11:00, the Meet and Greet will end.

At 11:15, lunch will be served. Please join us for lunch if you'd like.

(Let me know so I can order a lunch for you.)

The afternoon session begins at 12:15 and is for MEMBERS ONLY.

Dress casual - blue jeans and even shorts are OK!

Fitz will have her latest business briefing for board members and guests available called,

The 10x Initiative: An Exploratory Briefing on the Concepts of 10x.

(The board members have been studying the 10x books.)


The questions CEOs, Presidents and Business Leaders Ask.... (When Fitz reaches out to a nominated candidate. 
Bring your questions- we'll get them answered.)

We will meet at a private property owned by Fitz (The Board Chairman) called the Heart Homestead.

The property is located at 14809 Iowa Circle, Bennington, NE (Ida and 144th) --- Phone 708-209-8387.


Fitz allows ONLY Vistage members to use the property for meetings, family events, or executive stays. 

It is not publicly advertised. 

Below are some pictures of Vistage meetings that are held at the Heart-Homestead.

You may also visit this link and use the passcode Love.

Call Fitz at 708-209-8387 (mobile )



Why do over 45,000 leaders worldwide take one day a month to work "on their business" with their peers?


What type of leaders belong to these private peer advisory boards?


Who is Fitz? And as a former successful CEO, what is her role in leading the board?


How does this opportunity benefit the whole company?


What's the ROI? For time spent and the small fee to join?


What must I do to interview, get selected, and be appointed to this private peer advisory board?

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